A part of my nonsense chronicles that I write just to write. They aren’t supposed to make sense so don’t interpret them literally. Grammar may not be correct either since this was scribbled down and I’m copying it to here.

You cannot see me but I do indeed see you. For what I see are the dreams in which you possess. Now possessions are not something to brag about. they are as unimportant as the fictions that surrounds us all. For we all cannot be at the top. If we were then what would be the point of classifications? Hmm?  Exactly my point. So by taking the time to draw out that negative energy, we can all focus on bettering ourselves and the world we live in.  Bask in the glory of the day that you are given.  Feel it. Let it surround you. Let it engulf you. That breeze that blows, is it really real?  All things are manufactured.  The air we feel-artificial. The things we wear, see, touch-none of them can be relevant to our lives.  We must let them all go to be free. To be free form the conventions of this world. Explore.  Set your mind free. Let go of these physical barriers. Transcend to the next level. No, go beyond that. Don’t measure yourself. Not by levels or anything.  Circumstantiate the ideals of this world no longer.  They are not real and you must let this illusion go.  Set forth and be harbingers of reason. Reason with others how they can be changed too. Show them the new way. The way of mental freedom. No more constraints of thought.  Let all that you experience bleed over into this world so that it may be washed out anew.  There is nothing wrong with new. New is exciting and people like new. The unexperience, the switch, the unfamiliar, the change, the new are all the same.  Forget what you’ve been told. Neglect it all. Get out of your brainwashed mind and have the will to step outside of borders to never be limited ever again.


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