Opinion about Abortion in the U.S.

Well, here I go.

Seeing the title of this post, be weary of the language used and do not be put off by anything that I write.  This is indeed one of my more serious posts with my ideas that I am going to share.  This may not be my final thoughts about the topic but it was something I was thinking about yesterday and I find it to have some fairly solid  grounding.

I want to start off with a notice that I will divert into rape for a bit because these two topics have intertwined before.  I would also like to make a disclaimer that I do not have personal experience with this topic and these are my thoughts as an observer and outside party hearing about the topic from different sources.

Okay, now that that is out of the way. Let us move forward into the topic.

Abortion is a tricky topic I can’t even lie and say it’s not.  Trying to write about it is tricky because every word I use as an outside party can probably be twisted but I welcome it, and welcome any opposition to anything that is written in this post.  I like discussion and although most of my discussions are in my own head with myself, I find that it is important to have an outside party to guide my thinking sometimes so that I can see the topic from a different perspective.  As you probably don’t know, just by someone giving me a different perspective on a topic can sometimes immediately change where I stand on an issue.

So now let’s really continue.

Usually, there are two options when thinking about abortion—pro choice or pro life.  Pro choice meaning that it is a woman’s complete choice to choose whether or not she gets an abortion and  this does not mean that someone who is pro choice is for abortion.  Pro life, however, is generally the stance that a woman should never get an abortion.**

Now here is the finding that I came to yesterday.  I think that choice is very important in everyday life.  We are all given the free will to make any choice we decide.  In this regard, I would say that I am pro-choice.  It is important that we all have the opportunity to make our own choices.

Where I come to be against the pro choice philosophy is that when a being is being formed inside of a woman it is her natural job as a human being to nurture that forming being and devote her life to this task, this is regardless of the circumstances that brought about this being either through consensual intercourse or sadly even rape.  This is because I believe every human being should be able to make their own choice regarding their life.

When a being is being formed in the womb, they are alive, they are living, and they do indeed have a life.  Life is sacred.  Although it may not appear that that being inside the womb is an alive human being, it is.  While being in the womb, it is living and in the process of becoming a fully functioning human being.  That being will have the potential to make rational decisions one day. It has the potential to become a man or a woman with thoughts, desires, and feelings.

Is it just to deny a human being their right before they are even made aware of it or given the opportunity to make a decision on their own life?  When a woman carries a child in her womb, she must put aside her own feelings and focus on making sure that child is able to fully develop into a thinking human being.  She still has her body, and what she does with her body is definitely her own right, but the issue comes when she starts to impede on the life of the child.

As long as that child is in her womb, growing and developing, she must take care to put all her effort into supporting that life. The child in her womb is two parts that came together to make an entirely new part.  A separate entity with its own rights.  As part of the nature of life, part of the woman’s body has been rented out to that new life that is growing inside of her.  The woman’s body is now a vessel for life.  It truly is a beautiful thing.

Back to the pro choice terminology, a person does not get to choose whether or not to end a life.  Choosing to end a life is never and option.  Rather, they can decide to end a life and with that, face the repercussions that come with ending a life.

All in all, I’m all for a person having the right to make decisions but when those decisions affect the life of a helpless life, I cannot say that is something I support.  A person can do whatever they want, just as long as it doesn’t affect another person’s right to live because no one should have the right to decide the fate of their life except them and them alone.

It’s not all about “it’s my body, I can do what I want with it.” It’s about the fact that ending a life should never be a choice that another person makes for someone else.

There are other factors that play into this obviously and different people make different decisions based on their perspective.  Just remember to try and listen to what other people have to say because that life that never had the chance to happen could have made some really good choices or really bad choices.  What really matters is that they had the opportunity to make choices because that was their right.

So if you really are pro-choice, make sure there really is a choice to make.


Here I go again:

1 year later (original posting was in 2016, time is now 2017) of not looking at this nor it passing my mind until today, I must also add this is looked at through the lens of a person (me) with Christian viewpoints in mind which have also influenced this thinking.  Along those same lines, this post was mainly brought about through the arguments that typical(?) conservative Christians have on abortion.  And like I said, these were not my final viewpoints on the subject.  Since viewing this post again and rereading it, I realized there were some things that didn’t cross my mind at the original time of writing that now have me scratching my head.

**One point was were I talked about what pro-choice and pro-life meant. To clarify, I looked at this website. It explains what is meant by these titles in a wider view.  It mainly delves into some views and actions of conservatives on the topic.  The author says “being anti-abortion doesn’t necessarily mean being pro-life” and then goes into what seems to be the pro-life values.  Just wanted to add this in which I hope helps to cover more bases.

So this led me to reconsider, what would this viewpoint I have being discussed in this post be? It seems at this point I was pro-choice but was reluctant about abortion.  But now in the past year, I have been swayed to being okay with those who choose to get an abortion.  It relates to my religious views about punishment for actions.  This is where my own religious views and morals play in to this.

Every action is granted to us in free will from our highest being in most certain circumstances and this being has the final judgement in the end supposedly.  So yes, I’m taking it there, who are we as people to be that judge about life?  When that being is in the carrier’s body, it is not yet developed and as I said before, should have a right to life, but now I would like to point out that as much as I would prefer that being to develop into a person, it also it is up to the carrier since their life is being put at stake by raising this being.  What I’m getting at is that the life which has yet to develop a self and essentially a soul is fragile at this point with a blank slate.  To put an appropriate end to them before they develop a brain and movement and such  I believe is more humane than leading the carrier to do an unsafe means of performing an abortion possibly too late. And it’s that carrier’s decision to make entirely.  Different circumstances play a role that those on the outside may not see.  A safe abortion provides an appropriate alternative to that specific situation.

To those who worry about the ethical practicalities citing religious reasons, they need to realize this is the carrier’s decision to make with our higher being which is the only other being who fully understands what’s going on. And in the end forgiveness and mercy are always given, because as humans, we can’t always make the right decision and account for every little thing.  Even though we may try we can be wrong sometimes.  It’s human error.

On a more straight up moralistic outlook, having a choice also just makes sense, since the only life being affected is the carrier’s (since the zygote cannot feel or sense anything being just another type of human cell at this point). It’s unrelated to anyone else and as a society of people we should make sure that we do what we can to help make sure it goes as safely as possible to assure that the carrier’s life is protected. As sex, creating life and reproduction are acts of human nature, we as a whole society should take this into consideration and make sure everyone  get’s their entitlement to free will, seeing as the opposing parties (essentially males in this case) could practically just move on.  We need to make accountability equal.  Sometimes it’s a decision between just the carrier, the two parties who started the process of the forming cell, and when there is no other party due to fleeing, society needs to help ensure the carrier is afforded the same rights and obligations to protect her life which is the difference in consequences of participating in sexual activity.

Just as a society in the case of rape, we take action to protect women’s rights by going after the man who did her wrong since his body has no biological consequences except the psychological guilt of committing a crime.  Of course a man could get raped and then if the woman took his sperm and became pregnant, then society would need to go after her to abort the zygote ( I don’t have information on this but if we’re talking equality, seems like the right method but not sure if the law actually says this).

Now at this point, I would say that the life potential is still really important but my overarching argument against my past points is that the carrier’s rights cannot be overshadowed by the potential of life to form.  We know how life forms, we know mistakes or rapes happen as a society when considering sexual activity, so how can half(?) of our society argue against what would be the most logical thing to do?

I would classify abortion as a safe method of a type of euthanization for a life potential (a zygote).   It is an issue of our desire to be true to our dated (and sort of twisted by those in power) religious views that condemn unmarried sexual activity and leading to a type of ignorance of sexual activity and how to appropriately deal with the after.  Those arguing against abortion and for the potential life of the zygote (if it makes it to birth and the carrier not having complications while birthing and the life potential not having complications after birth) then do not really offer help to the carrier but put all their efforts into banning abortion when there is no real say for them in the mix.  They’re parading but not helping solve anything.  This part of society is making a decision together about what another life should do, effectively trying to take away that free will that they are supposed to believe in.

Pro-life is a terribly misguided movement driven by political misinformation. Ironically, they are pro-life for a life that hasn’t even formed but not really for the carrier.  Perhaps this is there way of making an ethical punishment since a most women who get abortions are not married and by letting them go about as they may with no appropriate access to appropriate help services?  I am pro-choice being for free will and choice of the carrier.  I am pro-life when I am for the carrier’s life and now not so much for the life potential.   I still agree that the life potential should have a chance to live but the carrier’s life comes first now in this case and if the carrier still chooses to help develop the zygote from a cell into a being, then I think that is definitely commendable.

Hopefully this helps clarify any confusion and my current viewpoints on the issue which continually change as I grow and meet new people and become EDUCATED, something that parts of our society lacks. ( I am leaving the first part just to show how much my views have changed and how others might see the topic right off the bat.) So that’s about it for this post I think but I may come back to it.  \_(ツ)_/ 





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