State Flags, They’re Kinda Ugly

State flags are actually really ugly.

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Looking at the picture above, it’s obvious that these flags are awful in appearance. Yes, some are better than others, but only by a slight margin.

It’s nice that some of them have stories but c’mon people, fix your flags bc they ugly.

The Chive, my newest fave website, put together a nice report of the meanings behind the state flags. And if you read through a few of these, you’ll find that a lot of these flags kinda need to be updated.  But what can you do with a governmental representation? That’s a whole can of worms that when opened could go either way—good or bad.

Governmental affairs, that is a totally different post I may tackle in the future, unless they come for me. If that’s ever the case, then oh well, they’ll be able to hack WordPress and delete whatever I type so no worries here.

Anyway, the California flag depicts a cool bear, too bad it’s extinct.  Alaska has a star and constellation. Delaware, don’t hear much out of them, their flag has a lot a symbolisim like others but still looks a little tacky with all the wacky colors.  Georgia is on top of the game with as many times as they’ve changed their flag many times; it doesn’t look half bad. Somebody help Hawaii’s flag, they’re totally American now, sorry Britain.  Okay, now Maryland’s flag I like. There’s nothing too literal, only really is influenced after one guy, and it’s a little abstract. So points to them.  But overall these flags are tacky, using blue and a hideous shade of yellow—except in the case of New Mexico.  The flags with crests/coat of arms are the ones that really get me but I guess someone must like them as they’re still flying high.



Use of “happy/feel good” beats to make sad music “happy”

Hard rocks songs like 3rd eye blinds cocaine song; Future’s songs about drugs and sadness are just some of the types of songs I was thinking about the other day.  A lot of us all listen and jam out to these songs despite the lyrics being what would typically be not something to jam out to if we saw the lyrics right up front.

An example is from the chorus Lil Uzi Vert’s song “XO TOUR Lif3.” This explains the use of some pretty unconventional lyrics being used along with a really great beat to produce a really great track.

I don’t really care if you cry
On the real, you shoulda never lied
Shoulda saw the way she looked me in my eyes

She said: “Baby, I am not afraid to die.”
Push me to the edge
All my friends are dead

And of course there are countless other musical tracks that also do the same thing that I don’t feel like looking up.  I’ve kinda lost a little bit of motivation for doing the research part to back up some of these claims.  So I will suggest if you want to do further research to look into it, please do and I will post it in the comments or as an edit to the blog post.

We’re all a little mad?

Just a little something I saw in a Buzzfeed article (by Spencer Althouse a guy I follow on Twitter for some reason, I think bc one of my other follwers was as well) highlighting the tattoos people got that are really cool and from literature.  “26 Literary Tattoos That Are Borderline Genius” was the name of the article and it was neato if you’re into the literary fandom.

I looked at all of them and they were all really neat with the exception of a few but they were all special in their own way.  The one that got me thinking was one among the ones from Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland.—michellec42

It was the quote “we’re all mad here” and the smile of the invisible cat at the end and this got me thinking a little about my mental health, something I think about a lot because I’m not sure if I’m insane or not but I know I’m different. Or am I?

We all get a little self conscious I think we can agree on that.  And we start to think: is it me or is it them? The looks you get from time to time after you say something.  So was it a misunderstanding look of confusion or a “I got what you said but it was just really weird” look of confusion.  So it’s that internal conflict that I think we have all had before or at least, I think it’s pretty universal.

But we’re not all insane.  I mean we all think were crazy but we can’t all be crazy? Can we?


This idea came about as I was doing research for an artist paper. The term avant garde came up.  Just like it, I feel as if i am  unorthodox to society’s constructs so I may be interested in claiming that as my artistic style to truly reflect what I feel is my position to society.

The avant-garde are people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society. Wikipedia

Song Review: “Rx”- Theory of a Deadman

This is going to explain some thoughts on a song,*cough, cough* (it’s in the title if you didn’t notice).

I like this song.  I’ve been a fan of the band ever since they became big back in the day.  I think in 2007 is when they made their big break.  (eh, 2008 with “Bad Girlfriend” I looked it up :P)

 that’s the album cover (Scars & Souvenirs) which features the song

I looked up the lyrics for “Rx” on Genius and there’s a quote from lead singer Tyler Connolly who tells Billboard the motivations (prescription drug addiction) about the song on Genius’ website.

“I really wanted to discuss how messed up America is with this prescription drug thing. When I got divorced, I went and saw a therapist and the first thing she said was, ‘I want to put you on some Beta blockers or some sort of anti-depressant stuff’ and I’m like, ‘No! No Way! What? How is that the first thing you want to do?’ I just feel like something’s wrong and I felt like the song needed to be written and people needed to hear it. It seems like every week something terrible is happening. I mean, Chris Cornell…and when we shot the video for it all these directors we talked to were like, ‘Oh yeah, I had a huge prescription drug problem, so this hits home’ and all that stuff. So it’s a really important song and I’m so happy we get to release it first.”

I appreciated the song.  I’ve never done drugs personally but the lyrics feel pretty real.  Just the way the person in the song is affected and the whole “the world is against me” vibe was kind of relatable.  I get bored and depressed (we all have at some point, right?) so I can understand why most people want to reach for the pills to make themselves feel better.  I guess it’s more of a clinical depression though that this song is talking about.  That’s the one I relate more with and I think that’s why I like it.  Go give it a listen. 🙂

Image result for rx theory of a deadman


United States: White Privilege and Fear of White Genocide

JUST A QUICK HEADS UP: This is a controversial topic, with only my opinions and some thoughts on my mind from my experience as a white guy from a rural small town (I’ll bring this up later as well)  in the Southeastern U.S. that I expanded upon.  This post may contain potentially offensive content to some so use discretion when deciding to read this post, I mean, just look at the title.  I am putting in my demographic to help provide context for where these thoughts are coming from to those who may be oblivious to these experiences and think of them being invalid to prove it is a very much real way of thinking.  I apologize if my thoughts are not eloquently presented.  I have trouble presenting what I know correctly sometimes and there may be gaps or jumps in thought.  So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Race and white privilege and white genocide are all interlocking themes common in the United States. Progress has been made but even after all these years, race continues to divide and cause wedges in the goals of unity, which let’s face it, are not going to happen anytime soon but nevertheless, I am going to proceed with my thoughts about race, and fyi I am a white male with white privilege, not as much as other white people, but of course I still have some because I am white which will be the case probably for the rest of my life.  So here are my thoughts on the issue, being more on the moral and coincidently? the liberal side point, I oppose the conservative views on race from the conservative background I was raised in.

I was inspired to write this post after watching a video shared by one of my Facebook friends.  It was a TED talk involving a black man who went undercover into the Alt-Right.  So here is the link to that.  It wasn’t the specific topic in the video itself that enacted me to start writing but one of the things the speaker said that sparked some of my related thoughts and wouldn’t let me focus completely throughout the video even though I did watch it.

The video sparked my thoughts on how people who aren’t directly involved with conservative views about race may get them to think they are nonexistent. Unfortunately they are, and are not going away anytime soon.  I have had these thoughts before as well.  The thoughts of white genocide.  The fear of losing what at the time was what I thought to be my lasting hope for prosperity.

Being taught that white people were superior at a young age combined with the awareness of being poor and underprivileged, I was glad that I would have one ace in the hole,  being a part of this superior group of people.  This made me feel better about my circumstances of coming from an underprivileged background at a time when I wasn’t as opened to the world as I have grown to become and gave me a sort of “all hope is not lost” kind of feeling.  A false substitute I was taught to have to avoid accepting that I was on the bottom of the socio-economic totem pole.  Because despite being at the bottom in that regard, I knew that I would be treated better because, at the time, my thinking from what I was taught was, “hey, I’m poor but at least I’m not poor like those ‘ghetto’ people who will never get ahead because they are doomed to never do so.”

The “whites against the world” ideology as everyone else sees it to  white people looks more like “the world against the whites” to white people who still hold racist viewpoints and is the cause for racism’s stay.  This helps to form a type of “white guilt”  where white people think they are not racist but in reality are indeed passively racist by ingnoring their subliminally racist tendencies.  They think, and myself as well in times past and this is all coming from my experience from what I have seen and grown up with in my rural small town in the South, that everyone is out to get them for payback for how racist white people were back in the day.  This leads to ideas of “reverse-racism” and leads to more racism from white people through this guise as a retaliation on that.  This makes white people have a unnecessary fear of being with other races because they think that the other groups won’t accept them because they think these groups are out working to take “power and control” away from white people and dominate them like white people have done since this country’s creation.

Something that really sticks out to me of recent times is the phrase which goes something like “equality seems like oppression when you are used to privilege.”  This is part of the fear white people have, because some, like I was, are still taught that white people are superior because of their race.  With equality becoming more common, white people have these thoughts that they are going to be reduced to nothing (losing a little power and control means elimination, I guess) because they have to give up a little something, exactly how the phrase describes it.  And my white friends from back home who haven’t been changed by their environment and expanded their views outside of their small community to be more open minded, see this as other races complaining because they want more.  Well, they do deserve more, because what they have still isn’t equal to what white people have.

White people still have the power in this country.  I mean, yeah, white people started it.  So that’s one reason they will be around for a while with so much control.  The typical “American” is seen as being a white guy.  But that is a little outdated imo.  Now, if you live, breath, work, sweat, and bleed in and for this country, you are a United states citizen by my standards, even if you don’t have the paperwork to prove it yet.  A white person is longer a typical US citizen.  This country has become more than that.  This country is made up of many different people and they deserve to be recognized to.  Just because white people had the idea to make this country doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognize the work other races and groups of people have put  in to making and serving this country.  The differences make this country great.  Having different people from different races, groups, and cultures keep this country great.

White people are afraid because like the video says, they have outdated and wrong information. Perhaps it’s a fear of losing “white culture” which might just actually be white privilege, which I would say is a part of it. When I have my friends from different backgrounds describe their culture, I have difficulty describing white culture to them.  I can’t think of what it is and the only thing that really comes to mind is few things and white privilege itself being somewhat incorporated into it.  And I think that white culture is almost nonexistent.  I can’t really think of too many individual customary traits that relate to white culture.  I’m no expert on it so I could probably find something if I did more research into it but I’m not into the extra work so I’m drawing this info from myself.

When I think of white culture all I can think of is hippies, rednecks, and that typical patriotic “red, white, and blue” vibe.  So I guess that counts because I don’t really see black hippies or rednecks and it’s just what I picture maybe because of my background, it may be different for a black person or other ethnic/racial groups growing up, but whenever I think of a typical patriot, I picture a white guy in red, white, and blue attire of some sort.  That’s just how it’s always been depicted to me through media as I’ve grown up.

Image result for free uncle sam clip art haha oh yeah, this guy

There may be some things that need more elaboration so I will probably edit this when/if I come back to it.  This is typical with heavy topics like this.  I hope none of what I say offends my audience but each person’s experience is different and we all process things differently and this is how I am processing this topic.  I could make a more neutral article but since this is my blog, it’s kind of all about me and my thought process and experience, which is always changing and adapting.  In  terms of what I wrote earlier in the post about getting ahead because of my race, I realize this may still be true that I may get a head start on some things because of my race but I realized a while ago that I no longer need to rely on this and will ensure that equal opportunity is given to everyone and I plan to call those out who advance me or treat me different because I am white.

So I think this is everything.  Just remember respect and to treat others with kindness, because we are all people and no one person is better than another and we all deserve equal opportunities and a good experience in this world.  Once you realize that putting energy into putting down anyone is a waste of time and in hurting them you are also hurting yourself because revenge is a 2 edged sword.  Make the world better than you found it.  Make sure to think of others before yourself because we may see the world as being all about us but it’s really all about each other.  We got to work as a whole to make it better. Everyone needs to serve their individual part and although it seems your work is just for you, it’s really for the whole, because we are all connected.  When you hurt another person, you’re not just hurting that person, you’re hurting yourself and the whole.  So keep good intentions: be good and do good. Have peace, love, and respect for each other, because in the end, it’s all going to be okay if we keep these things in mind.